Data-Driven Technology at Your Fingertips

Freedom to invest in solid markets

You are no longer restricted to buying investments nearby, as our deep data technology makes it possible for you to invest remotely without ever leaving the comforts of your home. We evaluate markets, neighborhoods, and properties across the United States to give you thorough knowledge of the local economy, projected market growth, and expected returns.
Leverage the Experience of Industry Experts

Real estate is an insider’s game, and we are the ultimate insider

With more than 10 years of real estate investment experience, our world-class team creates a superior end-to-end investment experience that’s backed by industry expertise. We are always readily available to help, as you and your investments are our number one priority.
Never Waste a Moment of Your Time

We do all the legwork for you

Jumpstart your career in real estate without disrupting your life when you partner with the Eresen Group. We handle the whole investment process from start-to-finish, so you can devote your time and energy to what matters most to you – your family, friends, and career.
Your Assets are Protected

Backed by trusted professionals

As part of our all-in-one solution to helping you remotely purchase income properties across the United States, we will fully manage your investment properties. You can rest easy knowing our expert Asset Management team is maximizing your income, controlling expenses and protecting your assets.
Always Be in Control

Full transparency at all times

Your property’s performance is available to you any day, any time. Simply log into your secure Eresen Group account to monitor your portfolio with ease and keep track of your income, expenses, and appreciation. We’ll also provide you with market intelligence for buy, hold or sell decisions.

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All of the Benefits; None of the Hassle

Hands free investing

Since we handle the whole end-to-end investment experience, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the real estate investing benefits of cash flow from rent, wealth through appreciation, equity growth, creating a hedge against inflation, and diversifying away from the volatile stock market.
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